The Next Chapter

     In March of 2014, when I was first diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, my heart was set on healing my body through natural treatments. My mom and I dove into every natural website, eBook, and article we could find. We even found local professionals who helped us with this. We wanted so badly for this success story to end this way, but God has other plans.

     That's not to say natural treatments didn't work! We have found that when I began my chemotherapy and radiation regimen that it was these very natural treatments that kept my body strong. So far, I was able to overcome sepsis infection, 30+ treatments of radiation, and 12 rounds of chemotherapy. I have also been able to keep my kidneys, liver, and blood levels at optimal levels. Without my knowledge of these natual resources, I would not have been able to maintain this.

     This new year brings on new deductibles, new co-insurance payments, and best of all... A new outlook in this next chapter of my journey. I will be undergoing a major surgery that will take many months of recovery. Things I would love to accomplish this year, aside from healing, include starting school again in the fall, becoming self-sufficient on my own, and being able to travel to Mexico in October for my brother's wedding.

     I begin this new year with a constant grateful heart for all of your support, whether it has been a peaceful prayer, caring thoughts, or monetary assistance. I thank you all so much and I ask that you please continue to support my family and I as I complete my journey. I still have a long road ahead of me, but with your help, I know I can get through this.

Kind regards

Tara Hill